Vol 14, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Spring 2014 Table of Contents and Publication Information PDF


Break on Through: An Analysis of Computer Damage Cases PDF
Ioana Vasiu, Lucian Vasiu 158-201
Mining the Final Frontier: Keeping Earth's Asteroid Mining Ventures from Becoming the Next Gold Rush PDF
Matthew Feinman 202-235
An Argument for States to Outlaw 'Revenge Porn' and for Congress to Amend 47 U.S.C. §230: How Our Current Laws Do Little to Protect Victims PDF
Casey Martinez 236-252
Too Much Too Soon? A Case for Hesitancy in the Passage of State and Federal Password Protection Laws PDF
Megan Davis 253-272

Staff Article Series

Introduction: Cybersecurity in Pittsburgh PDF
Kevin D. Ashley 273-275
Creating a Model of Cyber Proficiency: Remodeling Law Enforcement Tactics in Pittsburgh to Address the Evolving Nature of Cybersecurity PDF
Elizabeth Orton, Chris Schlag 276-279
What Does It Take to Survive a Breach in Today’s High- Risk World? When Your Prevention Fails (and It’s Going to Fail), What Do You Do? PDF
Scott M. Angelo 280-292
A Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework Is Unworkable- Government Must Crack the Whip PDF
Robert Gyenes 293-314
Throwing New Flags: Should There Be Criminal Sanctions or a Better Chance of Civil Sanctions for Lawyers or Service Providers Who Breach Confidentiality? PDF
Lea L. Lach 315-332
Cyber-Takings: The War on Crime Moves into the Cloud PDF
Larry McIntyre 333-350
An Era of Rapid Change: The Abdication of Cash & the FTC's Unfairness Authority PDF
Elie Freedman 351-382

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