The Use of Race in Medical Artificial Intelligence


  • Priya Desai



The proliferated use of medical algorithms in health care has brought about medical innovation and improvements; however, there is a cost to a prevalent use of artificial intelligence in health care—exacerbating racism in the medicine. This Article examines the use of race in medical algorithms. Part II describes the development of medical AI, including its advantages and disadvantages. Part III focuses on how the use of medical algorithms may embed racism into our health care system. Part IV describes the FDA’s current regulations on medical AI. The Article concludes by advocating for legislation and regulations that work to reduce racial bias in medical algorithms.

Author Biography

Priya Desai

Priya Desai is a J.D. Candidate for the Class of 2022 at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. She is the Managing Editor of the Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law and Policy. She is also pursuing the Health Law certificate at Pitt Law. Thank you to Professor Mary Crossley for all of her guidance and support.




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Priya Desai. (2021). The Use of Race in Medical Artificial Intelligence. Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy, 21(2).



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