A 'Sound' Policy? The RIAA and The Copyright Act

  • Chadwick Schnee University of Pittsburgh School of Law



The Recording Industry of America (RIAA) has made headlines1 and garnered a fair amount of criticism in recent years, both for the first jury trial against an individual copyright infringer2 and for its litigation tactics.3 In the midst of the RIAA‘s aggressive litigation, issues related to proof have come to the forefront, particularly regarding the use of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses4 to determine the identity of alleged copyright infringers.5 Additionally, the RIAA and other organizations have sought to hold individuals owning unsecured wireless routers6 liable for any illegal file-sharing that takes place through the individual‘s router.7 The RIAA, in their vigilant defense of copyrighted material, has gone too far and legislative action is needed to provide protection for unwary consumers from the aggressive tactics of the RIAA.

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