Mineshafts on Treasure Island: A Relief Map of the eBay Fraud Landscape


  • Mary M. Calkins Attorney, Foley & Lardner LLP
  • Alexei Nikitkov Brock University
  • Vernon Richardson University of Arkansas




As explorers once opened up new trade passages, thus attracting hordes of both honest traders and dishonest pirates, so too has the Internet opened new lanes of commerce and attracted the modern versions of the same. One of the widest of these lanes undoubtedly runs through eBay, located at http://www.ebay.com . From its humble beginnings as a little-known auction site hawking PEZ candy dispensers, broken laser pointers and other garage-sale pickings, eBay has transformed itself into a reputable public sales powerhouse where a Gulfstream II jet, million-dollar sports artifacts, and Madonna’s wedding tiara might easily change hands.4

Author Biographies

Alexei Nikitkov, Brock University

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Vernon Richardson, University of Arkansas

S. Robson Walton Chair of Accounting




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Calkins, M. M., Nikitkov, A., & Richardson, V. (2008). Mineshafts on Treasure Island: A Relief Map of the eBay Fraud Landscape. Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy, 8. https://doi.org/10.5195/tlp.2008.42