Vol 7


Table of Contents


Keeping Time Machinese and Teleporters in the Public Doman: Fiction as Prior Art for Patent Examination PDF
Daniel H. Brean
Regulatory Disparity: The Constitutional Implications of Communications Regulations That Prevent Competitive Neutrality PDF
Ryan K. Mullady
Impeaching Finnigan and Realigning the Corroboration Standard for Uninterested Single Witness Testimony with Precedent and Policy PDF
Jessica R. Underwood
Computer Forensics, Search Strategies, and the Particularity Requirement PDF
Wayne Jekot
Undampened Oscillations in the Circuit: Combining the Components of 271(f) Doctrine Supplied by the Federal Circuit PDF
Benjamin J. Byer
The Limitations of “Information Privacy” in the Network Environment PDF
Jisuk Woo, Jae-Hyup Lee
“I Just Bought a Flat Screen T.V. in Kolkata?” Application of Laws for International Outsourcing Related Identity Theft PDF
Samantha Grant
Flying the Friendly Skies May Not be so Friendly in Outer Space: International and Domestic Law Leaves United States’ Citizen Space Tourists without a Remedy for Injury Caused by Government Space Debris PDF
Marla Stayduhar
Legal Defect Protected by Article 42 of the CISG: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing PDF
Thomas M. Beline

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