Vol 13: VOLUME XIII, Issue 2-Spring 2013

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Masthead & General Information PDF


Being Social: Why the NCAA Has Forced Universities to Monitor Student-Athletes' Social Media PDF
Jamie P. Hopkins, Katie Hopkins, Bijan Whelton
The Proper Basis for Exercising Jurisdiction in Internet Disputes: Strengthening State Boundaries or Moving Towards Unification? PDF
Niloufer Selvadurai
The New Privacy Battle: How the Expanding Use of Drones Continues to Erode Our Concept of Privacy and Privacy Rights PDF
Chris Schlag

Staff Article Series

Smartphone Wars: Emphasizing eBay's First Two Factors in Smartphone Patent Injunctions PDF
Christianna Edrington
The Failure of State Texting-While-Driving Laws PDF
Cody J. Harding
Ill Suited to the Digital Age: Fourth Amendment Exceptions and Cell Site Location Information Surveillance PDF
Michael T.E. Kalis
Drawing the Line: The Legality of Using Wiretaps to Investigate Insider Trading PDF
Shane Miller
Jailbroken: Examining the Policy and Legal Implications of iPhone Jailbreaking PDF
Kevin Rogers
Copyright in the Mobile Media Era PDF
Krysta M. Smith
First Amendment Concerns in Governmental Acquisition and Analysis of Mobile Device Location Data PDF
Gerald J. Votava III

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