Vol 13: VOLUME XIII, Issue 1-Fall 2012

Table of Contents


Interpreting the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act PDF
Lee Goldman
The Constitutionality of DNA Sampling of Arrestees PDF
Anip Patel
Transformative Technology in Microfinance: Delivering Hope Electronically? PDF
Shanthi Elizabeth Senthe

Staff Article Series

Introduction: Law, Technology, and Entertainment in...Pittsburgh?!? PDF
Steeltown Entertainment Project
There’s No Business Like the State Film Tax Incentive Business: An Analysis of Pennsylvania’s Film Production Tax Credit Program PDF
Ashley W. Edwards
Storm Fronts and Filmmaking: Cloud Computing Regulation and the Impact on Independent Filmmakers PDF
Gregory Graham
Through A Router Darkly: How New American Copyright Enforcement Initiatives May Hinder Economic Development, Net Neutrality and Creativity PDF
Peter Groh
Unique Legal Considerations in Reality Television PDF
Katie Hopkins
Technology, Residuals, and the New Threat to Hollywood Screenwriters PDF
Kevin Leary
Based on an Almost True Story: Providing Real Life Protection to Real Life Characters PDF
Brandy S. Ringer

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