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The Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy  (JTLP) is a student produced journal of contemporary legal topics involving technology of all kinds. The Journal publishes two issues per year, one in the fall and one in the spring, and welcomes submissions of manuscripts from legal scholars, practicing attorneys and anyone who is interested in submitting appealing, technology related material. In addition, submissions on topics linked specifically to the Western District of Pennsylvania are of particular interest to the Journal and are very well-regarded.


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University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Vol 14, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Spring 2014 Table of Contents and Publication Information PDF


Break on Through: An Analysis of Computer Damage Cases PDF
Ioana Vasiu, Lucian Vasiu 158-201
Mining the Final Frontier: Keeping Earth's Asteroid Mining Ventures from Becoming the Next Gold Rush PDF
Matthew Feinman 202-235
An Argument for States to Outlaw 'Revenge Porn' and for Congress to Amend 47 U.S.C. §230: How Our Current Laws Do Little to Protect Victims PDF
Casey Martinez 236-252
Too Much Too Soon? A Case for Hesitancy in the Passage of State and Federal Password Protection Laws PDF
Megan Davis 253-272

Staff Article Series

Introduction: Cybersecurity in Pittsburgh PDF
Kevin D. Ashley 273-275
Creating a Model of Cyber Proficiency: Remodeling Law Enforcement Tactics in Pittsburgh to Address the Evolving Nature of Cybersecurity PDF
Elizabeth Orton, Chris Schlag 276-279
What Does It Take to Survive a Breach in Today’s High- Risk World? When Your Prevention Fails (and It’s Going to Fail), What Do You Do? PDF
Scott M. Angelo 280-292
A Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework Is Unworkable- Government Must Crack the Whip PDF
Robert Gyenes 293-314
Throwing New Flags: Should There Be Criminal Sanctions or a Better Chance of Civil Sanctions for Lawyers or Service Providers Who Breach Confidentiality? PDF
Lea L. Lach 315-332
Cyber-Takings: The War on Crime Moves into the Cloud PDF
Larry McIntyre 333-350
An Era of Rapid Change: The Abdication of Cash & the FTC's Unfairness Authority PDF
Elie Freedman 351-382

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