Break on Through: An Analysis of Computer Damage Cases

Ioana Vasiu, Lucian Vasiu


The following Article is an extensive inquiry into computer damage cases through a comprehensive study of over three hundred computer damage cases. Throughout the study, the authors have performed an empirical categorization of the essential aspects of computer damage cases and analyzed the most relevant issues, interpretations, and arguments available for each computer damage category. These categories include fundamental facets, such as legal elements; motive and intent; results; profile of perpetrators; and means of perpetration, including, if applicable, the software involved. The Article provides a comprehensive analysis and conceptual approach for understanding computer damage cases by discussing the legal elements of computer damage offenses under the CFAA; considering the CFAA’s practical application; discussing the essential features involved in the perpetration of computer damage offenses and profiling the attackers; and summarizing the researchers’ findings.

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